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Darian Stewart Jersey

Broncos vs. Vikings: 4 winners Youth Darian Stewart Jersey , 3 losers from the first preseason game The good news is the Denver Broncos won’t go undefeated in the preseason. In fact, the six-game winning streak in exhibition games is over. The first preseason game looked like the first preseason game, with some winners and losers. Here are some of them from the Broncos 42-28 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Winners Royce Freeman Denver’s rookie running back carried over his strong play in training camp to his first game. His 23-yard touchdown run was impressive. Some felt Freeman should have been No. 1 on the running back depth chart coming into Saturday’s game, he should after this performance.Jeff Holland As if the Broncos needed anymore pass rushers on defense, but Holland showing like he did makes the Orange Rush even more daunting (rock this vintage shirt with a modern twist). Remember: He was undrafted. Holland’s strength and burst will be hard to block, especially if he’s on the field with the likes of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.Marquette King Denver’s new punter, and his leg, definitely got some work. While the offense left a lot to be desired, to say the least, the good news is the Broncos have a punter. The more he gets acclimated to kicking at altitude, the better he’ll get. Isaiah McKenzie For his wow moment of the night http://www.authenticsdenverbroncos.com/ … ern-jersey , a 78-yard punt return for a touchdown. It may not be enough for some to forgive his fumbles, but it’s a great way to warm them up; especially if he’s consistent.LosersPaxton Lynch The time has come for John Elway and the organization to move on. How Lynch has looked at camp, he looked against the Vikings— awful, and that’s being kind. He’s a wreck mentally and he has no confidence. For those holding out hope he would “get it,” it won’t happen; at least not in Denver. Better to cut bait, admit the mistake, and move on.First-team defense/offenseThis is the most disappointing aspect of the preseason opener for the Broncos. Both looked lethargic and ill-prepared. That is a 180 to what the team has looked like in practice. It’s too early to panic given this was the first preseason game, and at least for the defense Miller didn’t even play. But it is something to keep an eye on as the preseason moves forward.Devontae Booker This is a combination of how he looked on the field, but also Freeman. Booker looked and played like the same running back ... one who doesn’t trust himself, lacks vision and runs with happy feet. Yes, Booker only had two carries but that was enough. Will the Denver Broncos keep their 28-year win-streak alive against the Cleveland Browns? Baker Mayfield has come on strong in late in the season and may have given Cleveland that swagger they’ve been missing for decades. Tight ends have presented a problem for the boys in orange and blue White Case Keenum Jersey , so what does that mean for the Browns tight end David Njoku? Can Nick Chubb steal the Chubb spotlight from Denver’s breakout rookie, Bradley?Laurie, Tim, and Jess delve into the current state of the Denver Broncos following the debacle in San Francisco against the 49ers and make predictions about Saturday’s game. Confidence was shaken when 49ers TE George Kittle rang up 200+ on the storied Denver defense, but does that mean it’s time to finally throw dirt on the 2018 season?Did you hear that Al Wilson is going to be the honorary team captain on Saturday? How great is it that Al is back in the Broncos fold? It’s time to take a look at why Al Wilson deserves induction into the Broncos ring of fame. It’s long overdue.Laurie, Tim and I are having a blast with our new podcast, Something Something Broncos. We hope you’re enjoying it too! If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a listen!

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